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East Tuddenham Garden Fete

  Firewood Logs

Well seasoned and ready to burn, trailer loads or handy sacks and kindling.

All from our own carefully managed sustainable woods.

Tel. Anthony Meynell, Berry Hall Woodlands on 01603 880541



East Tuddenham Garden Fete

  East Tuddenham Parish Council

Parish Council meeting minutes from January to November 2011 are now available on this website.

Click here for the minutes


East Tuddenham Garden Fete

  East Tuddenham Village Field

Over a couple of weekends, a lot of heavy lifting, plenty of holes dug and some hard graft along with the support of a local concrete company East Tuddenham now has some new exciting play equipment on the village playing field for all to enjoy!

Thanks goes to the following people for their hard work and for giving up their time: Dave Robinson, Paul House, Colin Cram, John Folkes, Nick Pope, Brian OShea, Tony and Owen Bradfield as well as Sharon and Lauren Bradfield for painting the horses!

Click here for some pictures of the equipment


   Norfolk Accident Rescue Service

Did you know?

That the Norfolk Accident Rescue Service voluntary Doctor scheme is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year?

Dr Drew Welch is a speciality trainee in anaesthetics and intensive care at the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital and a voluntary doctor for NARS. He said "we are extremely grateful to people of Norfolk for their continued support over the last 40 years as it's the public who have helped to keep this vital service operating successfully".

The Norfolk Accident Rescue Service (NARS) was established in 1971 as a General Practitioner immediate care scheme. GP's were called to the scenes of road traffic accidents in their area and worked closely with ambulance crews to improve patient care. This service was voluntary and the doctors responded in their own cars. NARS soon became a charity and over the next 20 years began to recruit more voluntary doctors. Now NARS has nearly 20 specialist doctors and 6 Critical Care Paramedics and hopes to recruit more clinicians over the next 12 months.

"We provide additional pain relief and have specialist equipment designed for helping sick and injured children. Some of our members are trained to give anaesthetics outside of hospital. Our aim is to provide road-based emergency care to the people of Norfolk at any time of the day or night".

This August NARS starting working in partnership with the East of England Ambulance Service Critical Care Car. The car – call sign '222' - is based in Norwich and is normally staffed by paramedics with advanced training and additional equipment. Chris Neil is a Critical Care Paramedic for the Ambulance Service and a voluntary Critical Care Paramedic for NARS. "NARS has a fantastic working relationship with the Ambulance Service. The partnership means that teams of doctors and paramedics can work closely together so that seriously ill and injured patients can benefit from specialist care before they arrive in hospital".

Pre-hospital care involves assessment and initial emergency treatment of patients at the scene and in transit to the most appropriate hospital. The aim of prehospital care is to relieve pain and improve the chances of a positive outcome for those taken acutely ill in the community. Qualified doctors and paramedics working for NARS are given additional training and equipmentin line with the latest research and clinical governance.

"We carry specially designed response bags equipped to cope with the most challenging of medical emergencies. Emergency ambulance crews call upon us to assist in the management of the sickest patients at home or at the roadside".

It costs around...

£2000 to train a doctor or paramedic in advanced pre hospital care skills
£5000 to provide each responder with advanced equipment and drugs
£300 to equip each responder with personal protective equipment

If you would like to know more about NARS, support us or become a volunteer please visit the website or on Facebook. Postal address is NARS, Hunters Lodge,145 Spixworth Road, Old Catton, Norwich, NR6 7DU.

Click here for a link to the website or here for the Facebook page

Norfolk Accident Rescue Service


   Keep Norfolk Local

The government is considering proposals to abolish local councils within Norfolk and replace them with one or more mammoth, “unitary” councils covering the whole of Norfolk and parts of Suffolk. If any of these proposals were to go ahead, they would lead to the creation of one of the largest unitary councils in Britain.

This council would be a vast and remote bureaucracy – twice the size of Luxembourg – with each councilor serving thousands of electors. It would be impossible for councilors to get to know their local residents. More importantly, it could lead to higher council taxes, lost jobs and reduced services.

Click here for a link to the website


  Roll of Honour

Frank Shaw has start a fantastic site containing the name of our fallen service men, it contains several names from Dereham but has also been extended to various villages, with East Tuddenham being included.

Frank would appreciate any information that you night have.

To view the site click here and to view the East Tuddenham section directly, click here.



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